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FOURSITE in-house developers have updated our cloud-based DMS

FOURSITE in-house developers, led by Andy Hammond, have updated our cloud-based DMS to improve capability and user experience. It is possible to access your files, collaborate, and securely send sensitive information from anywhere there is an internet connection. 

Document management is one of the system’s most improved features. Here, you can organize and manage all project documents very efficiently, with quick access to folders and files directly from your project tracker. 

Features Include;

  • Uploading of documents with simple drag and drop
  • Version control managed
  • Permissions managed for folders and documents
  • Add comments and share documents
  • Document review, approval and signing
  • Powerful search function
  • Integrated with FOURSITE Projects for quick access to your files


  1. Four site in house developers have updated the cloud based DMS with the date of September, 2017. The features are included in the multiple points in the manner of specific research paper one with the version control management system, with the powerful search functions in the access files.

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  3. Whenever a person uses online websites of any sort this is the first that Born in their mind that if their data is going to be fully secure and it is indeed the fact that every customer prioritizes their privacy. I am glad that Four site has updated its DMS I think I can use it now for giving my IT assignment help without the fear of loss of privacy.

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