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Marks and Spencer have adopted FOURSITE!

Marks and Spencer are using FOURSITE across their Engineering and Energy programmes. Thousands of projects in multiple programmes of work have been added across numerous initiatives with members of M&S’ supply chain remotely accessing and updating. New projects can be added directly to the online trackers with auto-populated dates based upon the typical project process timeline, or they can be bulk uploaded as a programme of work. 

Gantt programmes and management reports are viewed or downloaded creating visibility of progress and risk to the management team creating efficient and robust working processes. Using the FOURSITE Projects portal, no matter which programmes you are viewing, clashes with other projects in the same property or location are identified. Teams are quickly able to evaluate projects and intervene or place mitigation scenarios in place such as:- 

- Segregation of works and communication may result in the risks being accepted or establishing no conflict between projects

- Through shifting or cancelling conflicting projects H&S risk, duplication or redundancy can be removed

- Benefit driven through reduced resource requirement and or subcontractor / consultancy fees by sharing resource or increasing the scope of one project
Team members can work on the same project at the same time creating a live environment to manage your projects, programmes, resources and risk. As the data is entered or uploaded to the database, your Gantt charts, MI and Reports are automatically refreshed.

With all teams linked to the same environment the information is truly ‘One Version of the Truth’.


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