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Project and programme reporting using conventional business tools, such as Excel, can place your organisation at risk

Are conventional business tools, such as Excel, placing your organisation at risk? We know the importance of accurate  reporting , the implications of getting it wrong can be hugely costly. Conventional methods using standard business tools, such as Excel, have a valuable place and purpose but its inability to control access, distribution and versioning has always been a challenge. As a result, project teams spend huge amounts of time trying to collate and make sense of this information. Not only is this inefficient and costly but it also allows for human error. Excel requires lots of manual data entry, which creates mistakes and issues within the files.  Documents  often get updated and saved with a date and version number, then emailed to someone else to do the same.  Due to this, problems often develop and are compounded with issues, such as; Version control Pasting over formulas Change control / audit log Single user access Hidden columns Filtered ranges Size limit